CAVATINA Free Ticket Scheme
Opening Concert (22nd Jan)
Closing Concert (2nd Feb)
To be eligible for this scheme, you must be aged between 8 and 25 (inclusive).
There is no requirement for you to be in education, full-time or otherwise.

To obtain free admittance to the concerts covered by the CAVATINA scheme, get your free ticket(s) by using the 'Tickets' links on the Events page then ...


Register your free ticket now by sending us details about yourself to Alexandra.
The details we require are:
Subject of Email: CAVATINA Ticket Scheme


Date of Birth or Age;

How you heard about the concert(s);

Indicate if you attend a school, a college, a university or a conservatoire (omit if not applicable);

Which 'scheme' concert(s) you wish to attend:;
(Opening Recital, 27th January and/or Closing Recital, 4th February)

OR ...

Provide us with these details on the door of the concert(s).