Brundibár Arts Festival: Events 2023


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SUNDAY, 22ND JANUARY 2023, 19:30 (pre-concert talk 19:00)
Concert kindly supported by Cavatina for under 26s
Opening Concert: Creativity and Totalitarianism
Pre-concert talk about Mieczyslaw Weinberg by Liubov Ulybysheva 
Jesmond United Reform Church
Violin: Roman Mints, Natalie Klouda, Alexandra Raikhlina 
Viola: Dana Zemtsov
Cello: Liubov Ulybysheva 
Soprano: Katherine Broderick
Piano: Katya Apekisheva, Yoshie Kawamura

A Mieczyslaw Weinberg dedicated event. Weinberg was a Jewish composer from Poland (Warsaw), who fled the Nazis to Russia and lost all his family in the ghettos. He survived by escaping first to Minsk, then Tashkent and eventually to Moscow where he became a close friend and protégé of Shostakovich. 

Old Letters (soprano and piano)
Sonata for two violins
Aria Op.9 and Capriccio Op.11 (string quartet)
Jewish Songs Op.13 (soprano and piano trio)
Acacias Op.4 (soprano and piano)
Piano Quintet
THURSDAY, 26TH JANUARY 2023, 19:30
Between Two Worlds
Caedmon Hall, Gateshead
Theatre Director: Robert Hersey 
Stage Manager: Stuart Hanrahan
Actors: Philip Harrison, Mick Liveridge, Sarah Gabriel, Steven Stobbs, tbc...
Violin: Jack Liebeck, Alexandra Raikhlina
Viola: James Slater
Cello: Thomas Carroll
Piano: Danny Driver
Tenor: Dafydd Jones

An Erich Wolfgang Korngold dedicated event. Korngold escaped Nazi Vienna to Hollywood where he became a successful film composer. A narrated concert commissioned by Brundibár Arts Festival from Jessica Duchen. 

SATURDAY, 28TH JANUARY 2023, 19:30
Entartete Musik
The Globe, Newcastle

Brundibár Arts Festival's first ever jazz event

Our Jazz performance is going to be a homage to the influence of swing and jazz music on the culture of Europe during WWII. We will be looking specifically at the musical arrangements of Fritz Weiss who wrote for and played with the Ghetto Swingers and who was killed at Auschwitz.

SUNDAY, 29TH JANUARY 2023, 19:30
Concert kindly supported by Cavatina for under 26s
Closing Concert: Forbidden Music Regained
Kings Hall, Newcastle University 
Alexandra Raikhlina - violin
Gemma Rosefield - cello
Daniel Grimwood - piano

This programme is part of Brundibar Arts Festival’s series dedicated to “Inspirational Women”. These women were composers of Jewish heritage caught up in WW2 in Holland. All three works are completely unknown, they have never been recorded and to our knowledge, they haven’t been performed since they were composed. The music was in manuscript form until it was specially published for this project. These three works have been specially selected to be recorded for a CD (earlier in the year). Our aim is to bring these composers out of the shadows to our audiences in Newcastle and further afield. 

Henriette Bosmans: violin sonata
Fania Chapiro: cello sonata no.2
Henriette Bosmans: piano trio
Prach Boondiskulchok: Brundibár 2023 Special Commission. "Song of Silenced Words"