Brundibár Arts Festival Education Work
Children's feedback after attending our performance of Brundibár (the Opera) in January 2022


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"Jude" - The heartbreak of Kindertransport - a film by Amos Menin



A seven-year-old boy is torn from his home in Dresden on Kristallnacht, rushed across the border into Czechoslovakia to escape the Nazis in Germany, then ripped from his parents on the eve of war. His grandson, a young film student Amos Menin, blends family photographs with archival and contemporary footage to form a deeply personal and emotive backdrop, against which his grandfather recalls the dramatic and devastating story of his escape from the Holocaust, and how he came to England on Nicholas Winton’s last Kindertransport. This is poignant and deeply moving story of racial hatred from the child’s view yet speaks of the insurmountable human spirit.
Workshops at Hotspur Primary School led by Simon Wallfisch



Workshop with Simon Wallfisch and Alexandra Raikhlina
HorovoD at Thomas Bewick School
Live Klezmer music by local folk group, HorovoD: pictures from one of the three special needs schools they visted during the Festival. Thomas Bewick School is a school for children with autism.



It was incredibly moving to see the effect the music had on the children; by the end, they all stood up and danced!
Workshop at Wyndham Primary School
Here is a video from Brundibár Arts Festival workshop at Wyndham Primary School, led by Simon Wallfisch.
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Wyndham Primary School Artwork
Year 4 students at Wyndham Primary School drew some of their interpretations of the musical piece by E. Schulhoff for Violin and Cello performed to them as part of Brundibár Arts Festival 2017 workshops.



Professional Masterclasses
Natalie Clein and Jack Liebeck
International soloists Jack Liebeck and Natalie Clein giving Masterclasses at Newcastle University to Newcastle University music students.


Katya Apekisheva
International soloist Katya Apekisheva giving a Masterclass to Sage Gateshead Weekend School pupils.


Jack Liebeck
Jack Liebeck giving a Masterclass to Sage Gateshead Weekend School pupils.


Dominic Childs
Dominic Childs giving a Masterclass


Simon Wallfisch
Masterclass by Simon Wallfisch


Jan Bradley
Jan Bradley giving a Masterclass to Durham Johnston Comprehensive School pupils


Krzysztof Chorzelski
Krzysztof Chorzelski giving a Masterclass to Sage Gateshead Weekend School pupils


Daniel Garlitsky
Daniel Garlitsky giving a Masterclass to Sage Gateshead Weekend School pupils


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